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Your business,
your financing terms

Fast, flexible business loans from $500 to $300,000. Repay on your own terms, up to 24 months — with no hidden fees.

Canadian small business loans you can count on

on-demand capital

Borrow up to $300,000, or as little as you need, and have the cash in your bank account in as little as 24 hours.

on your terms

We set a pre-approved overall limit when you sign up for a business loan, and update it monthly based on your business performance. Draw as much (or as little) as you need within that, with no hidden fees and a fixed interest rate.

Use our funds for whatever you need

You know your business better than us. Whether you're responding to a surprise, investing in business growth, or seizing an opportunity, there are no restrictions on how your business loan is used.

How it works

Apply in 3 simple steps and
get pre-approved instantly

Our all-digital credit application process is quick and easy and typically takes less than 10 minutes. We ask for basic information about you and your business. We ask you to securely connect your online banking information. And as soon as you're done, we'll tell you exactly how much you can borrow - all without hurting your credit score.


Draw what you need, when you need it

When your application is complete, you'll know exactly how much you can borrow, but only you know how much you actually need right now. Make individual draws from within your overall business loan limit, each with their own fixed fees and terms. All pricing is up front, with nothing hidden in the small print.


Use our support for whatever you need

Choose the repayment schedule that makes sense for your business—from daily, weekly or bi-weekly payments, or pay early to save on interest. Borrow from $500 to $300,000 on 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 12, 18 or 24month terms, with absolutely no hidden fees.

See if your business qualifies

Qualification is simple.
No heavy paperwork.

If your business meets the following basic criteria, our all-digital application process will have us on the way to helping you in minutes.

Your business is legally registered

Your business is based in Canada

Your average monthly revenue is at least $3,000

You have been operating for at least 3 months with a dedicated business bank account

You have good personal and business credit history

“I’ve been with Thinking Capital for four years and I now have five locations. I have a good line of credit, and it’s very convenient. If I need five thousand dollars, I apply and get it immediately. No bank could give you money in 24 hours."

Serial Retail Entrepreneur

“I’ve been with Thinking Capital for four years and I now have five locations. I have a good line of credit, and it’s very convenient. If I need five thousand dollars, I apply and get it immediately. No bank could give you money in 24 hours."

Aman Boyal — Serial Retail Entrepreneur, Edmonton

“I’ve been with Thinking Capital for four years and I now have five locations. I have a good line of credit, and it’s very convenient. If I need five thousand dollars, I apply and get it immediately. No bank could give you money in 24 hours."

Aman Boyal — Serial Retail Entrepreneur, Edmonton

What do you need right now?

Every day brings a different challenge and a different opportunity. At Thinking Capital, we're here with the funds you need when you need them, whether that's to seize the moment, to face down business calamities, or to bet on yourself as you take your business to the next level.

Payroll Funding

Payroll Funding

Need to pay your team but that big invoice is past due?

If you wait until you can afford the people who will take your business to the next level, you might never get there.
Inventory Funding

Inventory Funding

The busy season’s coming and you need to stock up?

Seasonal challenges aren't just for holiday stores. When times are quiet, we help you secure funds to stock up for the busy days ahead.
Ecommerce Funding

Ecommerce Funding

Need capital that keeps pace with eCommerce?

We’re digital, flexible, and fast on our feet. Just like your growing online business.
Funding New Projects

Funding New Projects

New products? Channels? Seize-the-moment growth opportunities?

Whether it’s expanding to new locations, audiences, or product lines, we help you invest in growing your business.
Marketing Funding

Marketing Funding

Got a great product but need to get the word out?

A business can’t grow without putting itself out there. We help you line up your brand, marketing, and ad spend to make that big public splash.
Funding the unexpected

Funding the unexpected

Truck broke down? Receivables late? Product stuck on a ship somewhere?

When the unexpected happens (and it will), we’ve got you.

Industries We Serve

Small Business Loans Supporting Canada's Different Industries

At Thinking Capital, we want to approach things differently, bringing you closer to your business growth goals without the hassle of jumping through multiple hoops to receive funding.  

Apply for fast, flexible funding from $500 to $300,000 and join the thousands of businesses in industries from A-Z accessing the working capital or extra cash flow to make purchases, renovate, innovate, advertise, overcome challenges, or do whatever you need to do to level up your small business! We recognise that seeking small business funding can be frustrating and discouraging for many established start-ups or small businesses who struggle to meet the tight criteria of larger banks or lenders. 

Whether you're looking to stay on top of your payroll, hire more staff, or upgrade your technology to meet your business growth objectives, we're committed to helping you get there!

  • Grocery Stores
  • Home Businesses
  • Contractors
  • Auto Shops
  • Construction
  • Health Services
  • eCommerce Businesses
  • Beauty Salons & Spas
  • Retail Stores
  • Warehousing & Logistics
  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Florists
  • Fitness Clubs
  • Pet Stores
  • Professional Services


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Thinking Capital Small Business Loan?

Our small business loans provide small and medium businesses like yours easy access to the working capital you need to secure or increase your inventory, fix or buy new equipment, launch effective marketing campaigns, carry out renovations, or expand to additional locations. Considered a fixed loan, any Thinking Capital Small Business Loan you take out has its own repayment schedule and requires that you pay a fixed interest rate and principal.

Do you offer a Business Line of Credit?

Our Thinking Capital Small Business Loan provides all the features and flexibility of a line of credit, but with the added certainty of the upfront pricing and commitment of a term loan. A loan from us gives you ongoing access to the capital you need to make sure your business runs smoothly. You can withdraw funds in one lump sum, or use it just as you would a line of credit on an as-needed basis for all kinds of uses. Every draw you make from your loan has its own fixed repayment schedule. With daily, weekly and bi-weekly options, choose a plan that works best for you. What’s more, as you pay back what you borrow, your borrowing limit is automatically refreshed, giving you continued access to the funds you need. We reassess your business performance every month, so your limit will be revised based on your business.

Where is the money you lend coming from?

We make capital available to Canadian small businesses through business loans and credit facilities provided by two large and established Canadian financial institutions. Since 2006, we’ve facilated access for our customers to more than $1 billion through these facilities. Thinking Capital is part of Purpose Financial, one of Canada's leading investment management companies, backed by established Canadian and global investors including OMERS, Torquest and Allianz X. In 2020, Purpose Investments surpassed $10B in assets under management.

How quickly can I receive financing?

Upon approval, you can expect to receive your funds deposited in as little as 24 hours! You'll receive email notifications, sent to the email address you've used to sign up for your account:

1. Notifying you that your application has been approved or declined.
2. Notifying you when your funds are deposited to your business bank account, if you were approved.

What are the interest rates and costs?

Interest rates vary based on a number of factors taken from the details of your account and application. Rest assured our online application process will show you the exact cost of borrowing before you sign to commit to the loan and the interest is automatically included in your repayments to us. There are no hidden fees or charges. You can use our pricing calculator to get a good idea of the total cost of borrowing, even before you sign up.

How do repayments work?

Each time you draw from your Thinking Capital Small Business Loan, it is considered a fixed loan, which includes specific terms and conditions that outline your preferred repayment schedule and a fixed interest rate and principal to be paid. Payments will be automatically taken from your bank account according to the schedule you choose. These requirements differ from a traditional line of credit, where repayment is based on a minimum balance, or the interest on outstanding balances only.

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